Your data and applications are mission-critical. That’s why you need a trusted partner to manage and protect them. Digital Agent’s IT services are specifically designed to take the management burden away, so you can focus on your core business.

Complete with CIO

Not only can Digital Agent be your help desk, we can provide you a real or virtual infrastructure, manage your Remote Access, Network Security and Disaster Recovery. Sure, lots of IT firms can handle that. Our real value is in our philosophy. If you pay an IT provider to simply fix problems, you aren’t getting a good deal at any price. IT should quietly prevent and protect. But most of all, IT should work with you to develop strategies that leverage technology into productivity and profits. That’s what we do.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

With so many threats to your information, one of the best ways to protect your data is BACKUPS. Digital Agent has a variety of backup solutions tailored to your business needs, and most importantly, your business budget.

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Hosting Services

Some IT companies can host your website themselves. Most certainly don’t. Digital Agent can do much more. We provide registration assistance, DNS coordination and hosting, file storage, email hosting and management, and even support for SSL security and SQL databases on both Windows and Linux/Apache. Your website is your face to the world. That’s why we take hosting in-house so seriously.

You don't need to worry about your website or email going down. We'll take care of it for you. And we think it's so important that hosting is a part of almost every voice and data plan Digital Agent offers. We make it easy for you to get your company out there, so you can get about your business.

Managed Wifi

SkyNet Managed Wifi

Wireless access can be a gift or a curse to your office. While it is an expectation for most business owners to offer a guest WiFi connection for their customers and employees, the security risk is always there, not to mention the constant hardware glitches. Digital Agent developed a solution to this problem with SkyNet Managed WiFi. SkyNet is your stable, reliable on-site router managed remotely by Digital Agent. It can be expanded easily with additional nodes for large offices. Because it’s managed off-site, most issues to be fixed with a simple phone call. And, if for some reason the hardware fails, Digital Agent will replace it at NO COST.

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