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The Idea

Founded in 1998 by Howard Hunter, Digital Agent combines the latest technical innovations with old-fashioned service values. We're big enough to provide all the voice, data, networking and computer tech support your business needs, yet small enough to know each of our customers by name. Digital Agent is a family-run business, with a commitment to customer care, personalized service and attention to detail.

Data. Voice. Support. Confidence.

Close your eyes and think back on your telecommunication provider relationships. Is it a nightmare of downtime, hold time and wasted time? It doesn't have to be like that. Digital Agent has a pretty radical approach: we're built on delivering reliability and accountability. Over 350 Enterprise customers agree.

We do that. And we do it better

Need phone service? Digital Agent does that. Internet? Yeah, we do that too. Co-location of your information assets? Well, sure, we do that. What about managed IT support? You bet we do that. And we do it so you don't have to think about it, because you have more important things to do than hassle with technology. And with Digital Agent, you have ONE throat to choke if - or when - something goes awry.

We're Unique

You want to focus on your business instead of worrying about email going down or the phones going on the fritz. And with Digital Agent, you have the confidence of a single provider - one that provides remarkable support and a personalized customer service ethic that is unmatched in the industry.

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Meet the Team

Team member

Boyd Webb

VP Engineering
Team member

Keyur Patel

VP Customer Experience
Team member

Cabot Howell

Team member

Josh Gerber

Senior Sales Executive & Marketing Coordinator
Team member

Lori Phillips

Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

Awards and Props

Digium's 2015 Pinnacle Circle of Excellence

Attached you will find what can only be called an awesome report of Digital Agents’ wonderful efforts on behalf of Digium in 2014. As a result, you have earned special recognition as being a Pinnacle Award winner in 2014. “Congratulations” and “well done” doesn’t seem to cover it for me. A Really an outstanding effort!

I want you to take extreme pride in knowing that Digital Agents’ achievements positioned it as being in Digium’s top ten (number eight to be exact) highest producing Partner GLOBALLY. Truly a remarkable feat. We all realize that this took a great deal of effort and energy and was made possible by the great team you have assembled. Many hands make light (perhaps lighter) work. I feel we here at Digium together with your fine ensemble make a pretty good team that offers your clients a tremendous amount of experience and industry expertise. A formable force.

Digium 2015 Pinnacle Partner Award

We look forward to reaching higher levels in 2015. Rest assured you have Digium’s full support in helping in any way possible. Great job my friends.

Tim Halleran
Digium, Inc. | Channel Account Manage

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